• Belgium
  • 2 tents
  • Without furniture
  • Best Zoo of Europe

Safari tents as souvenir shop and museum

Pairi Daiza has been awarded the title of Best Zoo of Europe multiple times. The Belgian zoo attaches a lot of value to experience and has a thematic set-up. The customer experience has been developed in detail. As such, Pairi Daiza decided to use our safari tents as an adventurous souvenir shop and a museum, completely in the style of the park.

Pairi Daiza is divided into 8 different worlds, based on the animals that can be admired there. For a day (or several days), guests will feel like they’re in a paradise on earth! It’s also possible to stay the night at the park. You can do this in several types of accommodation, namely a hotel room or a wooden lodge with view of the Steller sea lions, a ‘Native House’ with view of the fallow deer or in the ‘Full Moon Lodge’ where bears can suddenly appear in front of the window.

Completely in the style of the park

We were allowed to install 2 Safari tents AN6 Wood. These have been furnished as a souvenir shop and a museum, completely in the style of the park. At the front of the safari tents, an extra wide entrance has been made, with 2 doors instead of 1. Additionally, another entrance has been placed at the side, so people can go in and out of that area as well. This makes the shop and museum extra accessible!

What Pairi Daiza says about us

”We chose safari tents based on their appearance and their high quality. The look of it perfectly fits the rest of the park. We’re very pleased with the collaboration with Outstanding. They’re flexible, respond quickly and the tents are of high quality.” – Pairi Daiza

The choice of Pairi Daiza