Holidaypark De Boshoek

Holidaypark De Boshoek

Glamping in The Veluwe! Stay in one of the safari tents or lodges at Holidaypark De Boshoek. Where camping meets luxury and glamour. A special experience for all ages at The Veluwe.

Stay warm and comfortable

Several sturdy, robust and spacious safari tents and lodges are situated on a special glamping field at Holidaypark De Boshoek. When the weather is good, guests can sit out on the veranda of their safari tent. Overlooking the camping field with a playground right in front of the tent! On less sunny days they can use the stove to stay warm and comfortable.

Plenty of glamping accommodations to choose from: Several safari tents with wooden frames, the AN3 lodge for 4 people, the Medley Lodge and the Safari Cottage. All with a complete inventory and most of them have private bathrooms as well. The guests at De Boshoek can enjoy the luxury of a bungalow without losing the real camping feeling.

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At this location we have placed the tent below

AN4 Safari Cottage

4-6 persons

5,5 x 6,5 metre

The Safari Cottage is characterised by classical elements. It is a safari tent with its own individual appearance. Whereas the Wood safari tent is known for its...

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AN5 Medley

6-10 persons

9 x 5,5 metre

A good medley; who does not enjoy a good medley? A string of your favourite songs. Because both we and our customers have favourites, we present our Medley Lodge...

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AN3 Lodge

2-4 persons

5 x 4.15 metre

The ease of a home, with the fun aspect of camping The Lodge stands for everything Glamping has to offer: all the ease, luxury and convenience of a home, with the...

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Safari tent AN3 Wood

2-4 persons

5 x 5 metre

Ideal starting point for exploration The AN3 W is a purebred safari tent. With its round timber beams, sand-coloured inner tent and green roof this tent has an...

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Safari tent AN4 Wood

2-6 persons

5 x 7 metre

A great lodging for your guests. The AN4 Wood is the favourite holiday destination for many a family. It doesn’t get any easier: no messing around with camping...

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