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The pampered

  • Luxury version of the Medley Lodge

  • With two terraces

  • Extensive layout

  • Most exclusive model

  • Can also be used for recreation or hospitality purposes

Luxury lodge tent with two terraces

The Royal Lodge exudes luxury and exclusivity. The big brother of the Medley Lodge attracts everyone’s attention. This is mainly due to the large surface area, the extra terrace and the additional door.

This state-of-the-art safari tent is one of the most luxury tents and has an inner surface area of 9 x 5.5 meters. That makes the safari lodge more than big enough for 6 to 10 people. There is also enough room left for a luxurious bathroom, a spacious kitchen, several bedrooms, a comfortable seating area and a separate dining space. Because the lodge tent consists of seperate parts we can arrange it in such a way that it always matches your wishes. You can’t get more luxury anywhere else!

Luxury tents and glamping supplies

Luxury camping by distinguishing yourself

With the luxurious appearance as well as the additional terrace, your guests are guaranteed to have a unique glamping experience. A real eye catcher that makes sure that you distinguish yourself.

Can also be used as:
  • Restaurant
  • Reception
  • Recreation area

This lodge will also interest you if you’re looking for something unique. Setting up a restaurant, reception or recreation area can be done in no time, offering your guests something that little bit different from the norm.

Product details

Glamping lodge from the best materials:

  • Wood that is preserved under the KOMO quality mark.
  • 100 mm frames that are twice as strong as the commonly used 80 mm frames.
  • TenCate fabric of 420 grams, 50% polyester and 50% cotton, which ensures that your impregnated tent breathes and does not get mould.
  • Inner tents that consist of separate parts. This allows us to extend your tent or replace a part if necessary.
  • Unique end couplings to extend the life of your tent.
  • Tongue-and-groove wood floor and wooden scaffolding walls with compriband for privacy.
  • Sturdy poles, with which we can raise your tent to 2.30 meters.
  • Windows that can be opened and closed in 3 ways.
  • YKK zippers of industrial quality. The best zippers for heavy duty use.
    Floor plan

    The ultimate glamping experience

    Our Royal Lodge is designed to provide glamping accommodation for 6 to 10 people; plenty of space to offer your guests the ultimate glamping experience.

    • 6 to 10 people
    • ca. 50 m²
    • 9 x 5.5 meters inner tent

    Which safari tent suits you?

    What does your ideal safari tent, luxury camping tent or lodge look like? We can offer you advice and countless options. This is how we find the glamping accommodation that best suits you.

    Interested? Then contact us. We can make your dream a reality!

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