Glamping abroad

Glamping plans across the border?

Did you know we are not only active on the Dutch or even European market, but worldwide? Our safari tents and lodges can be found in already 49 countries worldwide. From France to Portugal, and from Iran to Mexico.

So you have plans to start a glamping business abroad? Maybe or the French market, in Iran of perhaps in Asia or Australia? No problem. We have advisers on glamping in various countries, who are all experts on the local markets. We have advisers in countries such as:

Large safari tent

Will a safari tent be cool enough in summer?

A frequently asked question you may receive from customers as well. Fortunately, we have taken the sun and high temperatures into account while designing our glamping tents. The roof and the inner tent are separated from each other by a 10-centimeter layer of air. This extra layer prevents the heat of the sun to enter the safari tent directly and gives the wind extra space to cool down the tent. A multifunctional insulation layer.

When the sun is very strong and the glamping tent is constantly exposed to the sun, we sometimes recommend a beige roof instead of a green roof. After all, green roofs absorb more heat than beige roofs. Take a look at the safari tents with beige roofs at Serenity Camp in Mexico.

Also, several of our customers installed air conditioners in their glamping tents. This way you can cool the safari tent even more.

Safari tent with sturdy frames

Our wooden frames are extremely strong. Something which is essential, since our safari tents and lodges are located throughout the world. Our frames make the tents resistant to all weather conditions. All glamping tents are winter proof and resistant to strong winds, even storms.

Did you know that we even have snow frames? These frames add strength to the wooden frame to make sure that your tent can withstand the maximum snow load.

Glamping regulations abroad

Every country has its own laws and regulations. We do our best to stay informed about these matters as we take care of everything you need, from start to finish. Thanks to our experience and the local expertise of our agents abroad, we will do our utmost to inform you in the best possible way.

Did you know, for example, that the British regulations require that all tents are fire-resistant? That is why all our models available Campshield are made of fire-resistant material.

Safari tents worldwide

It all started when Erik and Robin, the founders of Outstanding, noticed that the demand for luxury camping holidays in safari tents was growing faster than what the market offered. Already in 2015, we soon developed our first safari tent and placed them at a local campsite. Other campsite owners dropped by to take a look and, after that, our business grew tremendously. In 2015, Erik and Robin were pitching the safari tents singlehandedly in the Netherlands. Now we are selling our tents in 49 countries.

Our glamping tents are located all over the world: in France, Italy, the UK, Croatia, Mexico, Iran, Malaysia, and Australia. The flags on the world map in our showroom indicate the 49 countries where you can find our safari tents and lodges.