Glamping tents with wooden frames

Glamping tents resistant to all weather conditions

Quality and safety are our top priorities. Our wooden frames are extremely strong. Something which is essential, since our safari tents and lodges are located throughout the world. Our frames make the tents resistant to all weather conditions. All tents are winter proof and resistant to strong winds, even storms.

Did you know that we even have snow frames? These frames add strength to the wooden frame to make sure that your tent can withstand the maximum snow load.

Safari tent resistant snow

Wind speed

Our safari tents are designed to withstand severe weather conditions. All wooden frames of the safari tents are made with 100mm round wood. Various structural calculations have been performed for most of our models. These calculations show that the construction of our tents can withstand a wind pressure and wind force of 0.5 kN/m², which corresponds to a wind force of 10 Beaufort (101 km/h or 63 miles per hour). From customers, we have learned that the tents even stand firm at Beaufort 11 (115 km/h or 72 miles per hour).

For detailed information on wind load per tent type and the most recent calculations, please contact us.


Constant optimisation

Our tent materials are very strong because of constant optimisation. We are continuously looking for the best materials, remain critical and always look for improvement. Learn more about the materials we use? You can find more product information here.


What our customers say about us:

With over 720 projects in 52 countries, our assortment of safari tents and lodges is the product of years of experience. We strive passionately to achieve 100% quality daily and are proud of our product! Customers rate us a 9.5 out of 10 based on 70+ reviews ★ ★ ★ ★ ★.