Safari tent with end fittings

A longer lifespan for your safari tent

Ever since we added end fittings to our range, we recommend these when marketing a safari tent or Glamping lodge. The end fittings prolong the lifespan of your safari tents and therefore definitely add value to your investment.

We use our experience building tents to learn and optimise. This also applies to the ratchets that were normally fitted on the ends of the rafters. We noticed that over the years, the tips of pine rafters become porous through weather. This is unavoidable but can make a bad combination when lag screws corrode because of various weather conditions. In high winds the corroded lag screw will break or even be pulled from the timber. In both cases, high winds may cause the roof to detach from the rafter and be smashed.


A tent with renewed end fittings

With our newest end fittings this is a thing of the past. The above findings prompted the development of new end fittings, making them an added value for the optimal lifespan of your investment!

Wondering what else optimises lifespan? Find out about our inner tentsroofing and wooden frames.

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