Outstanding in The Lost Executive

25 May 2020

Donnie Rust of The Lost Executive wrote a nice article about us. How do we deal with this crazy Corona time? How do we try to relieve our customers...

We’re in this together!

26 March 2020

Just like everyone else, we feel powerless. We might not have the knowledge to advice you on healthcare and necessary precautions. We do have a...

Our Glamping team stays at your service for questions and advice

16 March 2020

First of all, we hope you’re doing well given the situation and wish you all the best.We are very aware that this also affects all of you in...

How much does a safari tent cost? 

26 February 2020

A frequently asked question and yet we don't have the prices on the website. Why? Because the answer to this question is actually just as wide as our...

2019 Thank you for all the lessons

10 December 2019

2020 We are ready. It was quite a year, a lot has happened. All the more fun to look back on 2019 and look ahead to 2020. For ourselves, too,...

The safari tent renewed

13 November 2019

And much more news! Where should we start? A lot has happened behind the scenes in preparation of the new 2020 glamping season. Because when for...

The versatility of a safari tent

28 March 2019

Massages in Outstanding lodges. Glamping tents at height for a unique stay between the wild life in safari parks. Our safari tent Compact in the zoo,...

Outstanding – by name and by nature

4 February 2019

Recently, Outstanding Tents took part in the 10-year Challenge that’s been proving so popular on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. While lots of...

Thank you for an Outstanding year!

20 December 2018

What has 2018 brought us? And what can we expect for 2019? As every year, we look back with Robin van Kooten, fellow owner of Outstanding. 2018, the...

Outstanding milestone

26 June 2018

We have achieved a special milestone! We’ve sold our safari tents to our 40th country! And it’s not just any country. This tropical country has...

An Outstanding glamping season

15 June 2018

Our customers are in the middle of a busy season, but this doesn’t mean we will stand still in the meantime. We’ve listed what to expect from us...

Time for a summer-related FAQ

30 April 2018

After all preparations of the last months, the 2018 glamping season has finally begun. The new season started highly promising! In preparation for...

New, newer, new(e)s(t)

23 March 2018

Even though it’s only March, I’m already willing to name 2018 the year of renewal. A lot has happened in the first few months. We renewed our...

An Outstanding experience

8 March 2018

Is it a tent or is it a holiday home? With the safari tents by Outstanding you experience the comfort of home, without losing the sense of camping....

Five reasons to buy a safari tent

31 October 2017

With an Outstanding safari tent, your campsite will appeal to a wider range of campers. People who love the adventure of camping, but without the...

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