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Marchandweg 45 (Plan route)
3771 MN Barneveld
The Netherlands

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Marchandweg 45 (Plan route)
3771 MN Barneveld
The Netherlands

United States of America

Jason Higbee

Agent America

Enthusiastic, ambitious and resourceful. Lives in the USA and will be happy to advise you about the American and Canadian market.


Ferenc Pinter

Agent Hungary

Ferenc has seen the Glamping trend blossom in the UK and Sweden where he has lived for many years. Now he is ready to help everyone in Hungary with the best Glamping solutions.


Istvan Koszo

Agent Hungary

If you want to know what the best ROI is for Glamping in Hungary, ask Istvan! With his own Glampsite in Hungary Istvan can give you the best advice for developing your site.


Martine Stoit

Agent Sweden

Passion for people and outdoor activities. Loves to travel and always enthusiastic about nature and Glamping. Speaks English, Swedish, German and Dutch.


Bart Stoit

Agent Sweden

Interested and powerful handyman. With his experience in wood and constructions Bart will be happy to advise you with your plans for Glamping in Sweden.


David Otniel Gershom

Agent Israël

Interested, loyal and enthusiastic. Lives in Israel and will be happy to advise you about the Israeli market. He speaks English and is learning Hebrew.


Edgars Žagariņš

Agent Latvia

Expert in outdoor activities and glamping in Latvia. Are you planning to start a glamping in Latvia? Get in touch with Edgars.


Alin Banu

Agent Romania

Enthusiastic and attentive. Knows the Romanian market inside out so feel free to contact Alin for any advice.


John Walbaum

Agent Chili

More than 12 years of experience in the Chilean Tourism Industry. With his passion for the great outdoors John is the right partner to help you with your plans for Glamping in Chile.


Robin van Kooten


Positive, enthusiastic, energetic and very enterprising. There are no problems, only challenges.


Kaley Vermijs

Export Manager

Ambitious and passionate. Supervising and supporting our agents. Are you curious about the possibilities of working as an agent abroad? Ask Kaley!


Remco van de Fliert

Sales Manager

Inventive, enthusiastic and helpful. Responsible for sales. Just ask!


Johan de Vries

Inventory management

Structured, secure and precisely. Manages the incoming and outgoing flow of goods so that we can operate in the most efficient way.


Richard van Laar

Advice and sales Head Office NL

Solution-oriented, enterprising and social. Responsible for sales in the Netherlands together with Remco and Felicia.


Rob Dirksen

Incoming goods

Social, team player and engaged. Shares responsibility for incoming goods in the warehouse.


Felicia Franken

Advice and sales Head Office NL

Enthusiastic, helpful, and engaged. Felicia is responsible for the sales at our head office together with Richard and Remco.


Sander Wildeman


Solution-oriented, decisive and structured. Ensures successful and smooth order processing of your safari tents.


Misha Nab


Energetic, diligent and full of ideas. Ensures that you are always up to date on Outstanding activities.


Ashley Hardeman

Marketing and communication

Curious, creative and helpful. Ensures that you are kept up to date about all Outstanding developments together with Misha.


Robin Beekink

Project assistant

Conscientious, independent and tactful. Our focal point within the organization; ensures that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.


Hendrik van den Brink

Technical draughtsman

Secure, committed and structured. Works together with Jonathan to provide all the (technical) drawings within the business.


Peter de Wit

Logistics location manager

Decisive, punctual, and structured. Manages the logistics department and makes sure that everything keeps running smoothly.


Pauline Vonk


Driven, self-employed and enterprising. Ensures a good forecast and a broad and high-quality network of suppliers, so that our tents are made from the best materials.


Jaap Frerichs

Assembly Planner

Enthusiastic, technical, and analytical. Responsible for the scheduling and deployment of the assembly teams.


Erik Donselaar


Curious, enthusiastic and energetic. Ensures that all orders leave the warehouse fully complete, and on time.


Gerard Geertsma


Energetic, go-getter and structured. Takes care of all the outgoing goods, so they will arrive complete and secure at destination.


Hans Roseboom


Teamplayer, involved and enthusiastic. Ensures that all orders leave the warehouse complete and on time.


Dennis van Veluw

Assembly team leader

Quality-conscious, precise and solution-oriented. Responsible for supervising and executing assembly activities within the Benelux.


Gerhart Broere

Assembly team crew

Committed, go-getter and independent. Shares responsibility for the assembly of your safari tent within the Benelux.


Silvan Fauw

Assembly team crew

Results-oriented, enthusiastic and precise. Does not leave your campsite grounds until your tents are assembled and in tip-top shape.


Salvador Pons

Agent Spain

Helpful, interested and attentive. Do you have plans for the Spanish market? You can always count on Salvador.


Massimo Pecchia

Agente Italy

Service provider with an eye for detail. With our Partner Glant behind his back he is the specialist in Italy for Glamping. Don’t hesitate to contact Massimo about the possibilities.


Emile van Zuijlen

Logistics planner

Driven and involved, with an eye for detail. Makes sure that our incoming and outgoing goods department runs flawlessly.


Eric Balloffet

Country Manager France

Enthusiastic and always interested in new business ideas. Do you have any plans for the French market? Eric will help you with the right knowhow!


Avital Gerritsen

Agent Israël

Service provider with an eye for detail. Eager to learn and understand what it takes to create a memory making glamping experience.

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