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Extend your glamping season
with our seas~on lodges.

Four-season rentals,<br />
<span>maximum returns</span>

Four-season rentals,
maximum returns

Look and feel of <br />
<span>a real safari tent</span>

Look and feel of
a real safari tent

Unique appearance <br />
<span>with glass sliding door</span>

Unique appearance
with glass sliding door

Luxury four-season lodge

Want to extend your glamping season? That’s possible with our seas-on. With this insulated lodge, you offer your guests an unforgettable glamping experience in every season. Thanks to excellent insulation, your guests will enjoy cool comfort in summer and pleasant warmth in winter. That way, you give your guests the luxury of glamping and get the maximum return per m². Turn on every season!

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Excellent insulation

Our seas-on lodges are carefully designed to provide your guests with the ultimate comfort, even in the most wintry conditions. And you will save on energy costs thanks to excellent insulation.

Insulation value an average of 3.0
Insulation panels R-value of 3.15
W(h)atts needed for warmth

Types seas-on

The seas-on is available in three different sizes. Multiple layouts are possible for each size. The floor plans below show a standard layout.

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AN3 seas-on

2 to 4 people
40 m² total floor space
5 x 5 meters inner tent

AN4 seas-on

4 to 6 people
50 m² total floor space
5 x 7 meters inner tent

AN5 seas-on

6 to 8 people
60 m² total floor space
5 x 9 meters inner tent

Unique features of the lodge:

    • Average insulation value of 3.0
    • PIR insulation panels with an R-value of 3.15
    • Wood certified by KOMO
    • Double glass sliding door
    • Innovative end coupling

Interested in the possibilities
and prices?

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