An Outstanding experience

Who are we? We are Outstanding. Outstanding means “remarkable” and “impressive”. But for us, it also means energypassion and experience. And that’s what we aim for every day. We lift camping to a higher level and thus meet the growing demand for safari tents and luxury glamping tents.


  • Providing suitable advice
  • Having a personal approach
  • And a lot of enthusiasm!
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Innovation never ends

During our Friday afternoon socials, we are not only devouring good food and having a nice chat, but we also continuous work to improve our brand. How can we make ourselves and our tents just that bit better? All kinds of ideas fly around!

But really, our passion and drive cannot be put into words. We go the extra mile for you, and you will see that once you get to know us. You won’t only discover our safari tents, but you will also be introduced to perhaps the most driven glamping team!

  • Personal advice
  • From design to realisation
  • Direct delivery
  • Over projects in different countries


United States of America

Jason Higbee

Agent America

Enthusiastic, ambitious and resourceful. Lives in the USA and will be happy to advise you about the American and Canadian market.


Remco van de Fliert

Advice and sales Head Office NL

Inventive, enthusiastic and helpful. Responsible for sales. Just ask!


Kaley Vermijs

Export Manager

Ambitious and passionate. Supervising and supporting our agents. Are you curious about the possibilities of working as an agent abroad? Ask Kaley!


David Otniel Gershom

Agent Israël

Interested, loyal and enthusiastic. Lives in Israel and will be happy to advise you about the Israeli market. He speaks English and is learning Hebrew.


Alin Banu

Agent Romania

Enthusiastic and attentive. Knows the Romanian market inside out so feel free to contact Alin for any advice.


Vito Andrenšek

Agent Slovenia

Driven and cooperative. Vito is responsible for the Slovenian market and will be happy to advise you on your glamping plans for Slovenia.


Edgars Žagariņš

Agent Latvia

Expert in outdoor activities and glamping in Latvia. Are you planning to start a glamping in Latvia? Get in touch with Edgars.


Shizou Fujimoto

Agent Japan

Enthusiastic and always interested in new business ideas. Do you have any plans for the Japanese market? Shizuo will help you with the right knowhow!


Valérie IDOUX

Agent New Caledonia

Witnessing and helpful. Your personal contact for your glamping plans in Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna or French Polynesia.


Robin van Kooten


Positive, enthusiastic, energetic and very enterprising. There are no problems, only challenges.


Richard van Laar

Advice and sales Head Office NL

Solution-oriented, enterprising and social. Responsible for sales in the Netherlands together with Remco.


Anouk Wanders

Marketing and communication

Curious, creative and helpful. Ensures that you are always up to date on Outstanding activities.


René Versteeg

Branch manager logistics

Energetic, punctual and resourceful. Arranges logistics and is responsible for planning, both at home and abroad.


Thijs Paauw

Agent France

Enthusiastic and helpful. A team player. He lives in France, and knows the French market like no other.


Pieter Paauw

Agent France

Friendly, ambitious and proactive. Pieter and Thijs are responsible for the French market.


Thibaut Dottin

Agent France

Positive, curious and helpful. Lives in France. Do you have plans for the France market? Ask Thibaut.


Salvador Pons

Agent Spain

Helpful, interested and attentive. Do you have plans for the Spanish market? You can always count on Salvador.

United Kingdom

James King

Outstanding UK

Passionate, decisive and reliable. Knows the English market inside out. Just ask!

United Kingdom

Suzie King

Outstanding UK

Loyal, enthusiastic and deligent. Curious about the possibilities for the English camping market? Ask Suzie.


Biagio Gentile

Agent Italy

Decisive, ambitious and deligent. Curious about the possibilities for the Italian camping market? Ask Biagio.


Dennis van Veluw


Structured, cooperative and diligent. Manages the warehouse and ensures that you receive your tents complete and on time.


Merijn de Bruijn

Warehouse manager

Solution-oriented, organized and driven. Merijn is responsible for the warehouse, stock management and directs the order pickers.


Joey van Buuren


Social, keen to help, and enthusiastic. Responsible for the incoming and outgoing goods at the warehouse.


Erik Donselaar


Curious, enthusiastic and energetic. Ensures that all orders leave the warehouse fully complete, and on time.