Luxurious glamping tents for sale

Are you already responding to the growing demand for luxury glamping tents for your guests? The way people recreate is changing. Camping has always been around, but more and more people like to experience a little more comfort during their holiday. Would you also like to offer your guests these comfortable camping experiences and introduce them to glamping? Then buying a luxurious glamping tent is a smart move. At Outstanding we have a variety of glamping tents for sale. From small and compact tents to luxury lodges with lots of space. We would like to introduce you to the diverse world of glamping!


Glamping tents for sale for multiple purposes

Of course, the safari tent is most commonly used as vacation accommodation. Many campsite owners realize that the demand for glamping is increasing and will certainly continue to increase in the coming years. Responding to this demand by buying glamping tents is therefore a smart move financially. Glamping tents are not only suitable as vacation accommodation, however. Our smallest size glamping tent is often used as a luxury traveler’s tent. And our luxury lodges are very suitable as group accommodation, or as a reception area, restaurant, museum or souvenir shop.

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Supplier of glamping tents that meet your needs

As a supplier of safari tents, we are happy to respond to all new developments on the market. The degree of luxury differs per tent. You can choose from a tent with or without sanitary facilities. And nowadays we can offer you not only safari tents, but also our insulated seas-on lodge. These tents make it possible to enjoy glamping all year round. Because of the high-quality insulation, these tents are also very pleasant during the colder winter months.

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Glamping tents for sale with a fully furnished interior

When you buy a safari tent, what could be easier than having it fitted with matching furniture? Our furniture blends in perfectly with the luxurious appearance of our tents. We have furniture for all tastes in our extensive assortment. The brushed pinewood is free from splinters and has a dirt- and water-repellent coating so not only your tent, but also your furniture has a long lifespan. And we will gladly take everything out of your hands and arrange not only to have a fully furnished kitchen and bathroom installed but take care of the transportation and entire assembly of your tent.

Buy a safari tent with high-quality materials

We want you to be able to enjoy your safari tent for many years to come. That is why only the highest quality materials are good enough for our safari tents, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our tents. The 100-mm wooden frames are twice as sturdy as the standard 80-mm frames. The wood we use is KOMO-certified sustainable and impregnated for an incredibly long lifespan. For the tent fabric, we use PolyCotton canvas. Our high-quality zips and unique end-couplings also contribute to our safari tents’ increased lifespan. That’s why you will have very little maintenance on your safari tent for the first 10 years. Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us or request more information.

Anticipating the growing popularity of glamping

Glamping is a way of spending the holidays that is gaining in popularity. This is not surprising as it combines the welcoming outdoor atmosphere of camping life with the comforts of home. Guests looking for a bit of luxury usually end up settling for a holiday home or a mobile home. However, they don’t have that real outdoorsy camping feeling because it’s still not a tent. You can offer your guests both with a glamping tent. They will find everything they need in the fully furnished tents, but they’re still staying in a real tent. The friendly contact with the neighbours plus the cosy atmosphere of camping: glamping is the best of both worlds!

Are you interested in finding out which tent is the best fit for your campsite or holiday park? We can offer you advice on the countless available possibilities. Whatever you choose, we take care of everything, from the initial consult and assembly to turn-key delivery. We would love to tell you more!




Our glamping tents are available all over the world!

And we are quite proud of that. Our tents can already be found in dozens of countries. In addition to the advisors we have in various countries, you can always contact us for glamping in other countries. For most countries we will gladly take care of the transport and construction for you. Are you curious about what you can expect from our Outstanding service? We will happily tell you everything about our company and of course about the special glamping tents that we have for sale. Request more information or a customized quote now!


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