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Want to buy professional, durable and beautiful safari tents? At Outstanding, you are sure to find the tent you are looking for. We have a wide range of luxury tents, suitable for numerous purposes. But generally speaking, safari tents are most commonly used for glamping. With this type of holiday, you offer your guests a luxurious stay in which they are provided with all the comforts. And as a supplier of these tents, we are also happy to offer you a complete service. For example, by delivering and erecting our tents including complete inventory!

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Are you ready to start your glamping adventure? Or are you planning to expand your current campsite or holiday park? Then check out our brochure, full of glamping inspiration!

Unique safari tents with performance

With the quality and appearance of our products, we provide a solid basis to start the search. After all, everyone wants to offer an unforgettable glamping experience. The camper, as the end user, is looking for a unique tent with wow factor. But those who are going to buy a safari tent look beyond appearance alone. The tent must be good value for money. The investment must be profitable. And preferably without having to worry about the tent after purchase.

Ticking off the above brings us one step closer to the ideal safari tent, right? Now the customisation can begin!

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Enjoy full service from Outstanding

With our enthusiastic team, we are happy to ensure that your ideal is fully met. If you have special requirements, for example, we will be happy to look at the possibilities with you. An extra-large tent or a special layout? It’s all possible! We also supply complete interiors for the safari tents and, if you wish, we can also furnish your tent for you! You choose your safari tents and interior, we take care of everything else. As soon as our team has finished assembling, you can receive your first guests! That’s what we call service from start to finish.

Durable safari tents with a long lifespan

When buying a safari tent, quality is an important consideration. The higher the quality, the longer the lifespan. And the longer you can rent out the safari tents, the higher your return! At Outstanding, we use the best materials without exception. From the canvas and the zips to the wooden beams that support the tent: we choose the best quality time and again. And we keep innovating to ensure that you can enjoy our tents for as long as possible. Safari tents from Renswoude are a sustainable investment that you will enjoy for at least 10 years!

Always a safari tent that suits you.

What kind of glamping do you want to offer your guests? With our safari tents you can go in any direction. From a small tent for only luxurious overnight stays to spacious lodges where even larger groups can enjoy the real glamping experience. In addition to our safari tents and lodges, we also offer thermal tents. Due to their high degree of insulation, these tents are also very comfortable in the colder months. With these tents you can offer your guests a luxurious camping experience all year round! Take a look at all our tents and their many options. And don’t hesitate to contact us, we are happy to give you advice about which tent suits your glamping best.


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