About us


Back in 2009, we became aware of the increasing demand for luxury vacations in safari tents. We also noticed that it isn’t always easy for campsite owners to meet this demand. We started our venture with manufacturing tents abroad. However, we soon decided to take matters into our own hands in order to better meet our high quality standards.

So starting in 2013, we have been developing and producing everything in-house. With the unique Outstanding tents as a result!

Outstanding camping experience for your customers
As a campsite owner, the only way to be completely carefree is if you don’t have to worry about your safari tent. That is why we manufacture our Outstanding tents from the best materials. Wood that is preserved under KOMO approval. TenCate tent cloth that is both extremely strong and resistant to mould. PVC roofs that protect the tent against all weather conditions. Galvanised steel links that keep the tent erect throughout the year. An Outstanding tent therefore has a lifespan of around 10 years. That makes the investment a lot more interesting.

Quality, service and comfort
We ensure that you as a campsite owner can give your guests an excellent camping experience. We supply all-inclusive safari tents and lodges, from advice to installation.

Innovative, curious and involved
We strive towards bringing camping to the next level by providing an ‘Outstanding’ experience for both campsite owners and their guests.


Robin van Kooten

Advice and sales headoffice NL

Positive, enthusiastic, energetic and very enterprising. There are no problems, only challenges.


Remco van de Fliert

Advice and sales Head Office NL

Inventive, enthusiastic and helpful. Responsible for sales. Jusk ask!


Richard van Laar

Advice and sales the Netherlands

Solution-oriented, enterprising and social. Responsible for sales in the Netherlands together with Remco.


René Versteeg

Planning and logistics

Energetic, punctual and resourceful. Arranges logistics and is responsible for planning, both at home and abroad.


Anouk Wanders

Marketing and communication

Curious, creative and helpful. Ensures that you are always up to date on Outstanding activities.


Laurette Willems

Marketing and communication

Energetic, diligent and full of ideas. Ensures that you are kept up to date about all Outstanding developments together with Anouk.


Dennis van Veluw

Head of logistics

Structured, cooperative and diligent. Manages the warehouse and ensures that you receive your tents complete and on time.


Gaspard van Dolderen


Precise, motivated, undertaking. Makes sure everything goes right in the warehouse and that all orders are processed correctly.


Merijn de Bruijn


Solution-oriented, organized and driven. Merijn is responsible for the warehouse, stock management and directs the order pickers.


Thijs Paauw

Agent France

Enthusiastic and helpful. A team player. He lives in France, and knows the French market like no other.


Pieter Paauw

Agent France

Friendly, ambitious and proactive. Pieter and Thijs are responsible for the French market.


Salvador Pons

Agent Spain

Helpful, interested and attentive. Do you have plans for the Spanish market? You can always count on Salvador.


Nikola Nenadovic

Agent Croatia

Enthusiastic and attentive. Knows the Croatian market inside out so feel free to contact Nikola for any advice.


David Otniel Gershom

Advice and sales Israel

Interested, loyal and enthusiastic. Lives in Israel and will be happy to advise you about the Israeli market. He speaks English and is learning Hebrew.


James King

Outstanding UK

Passionate, decisive and reliable. Knows the English market inside out. Just ask!


Suzie King

Outstanding UK

Loyal, enthusiastic and deligent. Curious about the possibilities for the English camping market? Ask Suzie.


Ingrid Schneider-Haartje

Agent Germany (Finkota)

Competent, supportive, solution-oriented. Your personal contact for the German camping and recreation parks


Vito Andrenšek

Advice and sales Slovenia

Driven and cooperative. Vito is responsible for the Slovenian market and will be happy to advise you on your glamping plans for Slovenia.


Valérie IDOUX

Advice and sales New Caledonia

Witnessing and helpful. Your personal contact for your glamping plans in Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna or French Polynesia.


Bring even more guests to your campsite

With an Outstanding safari tent or lodge, your campsite will appeal to a wider range of campers. People who love the adventure of camping, but without the hassle of pitching a tent. People who want to unwind, but without the rigors of a primitive tent. Our Outstanding safari tents and lodges are not just tents. They offer a different way of vacationing, one that appeals to campers in the upper segment.

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Want to know more? Curious what we can do for you? Are you considering offering glamping to your guests? Do you want to bring in more guests in the upper segment with our tents and lodges? Download our brochure here. Through our brochure, you can get to know us better and browse our catalogue at leisure.

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