A suitable interior for every tent

  • An extensive range of furniture

  • For a complete interior

  • Several styles from adventurous to chic

  • Wooden and vinyl floors available

  • High quality

  • Luxurious appearance

  • Fitted kitchens

  • Complete bathrooms

A suitable interior for every safari tent

What makes a glamping tent comfortable? The interior and accessories! That is why we also supply wooden scaffolding or luxury furniture and all the fixings. We can also equip your glamping with mattresses, pillows, crockery and even a dishwasher! This way, you can offer your guests a fully furnished safari tent.

There are two interiors to choose from:

  • Safari Adventure
  • Glamping Chic

Opt for the Safari Adventure if you are looking for wooden scaffolding, adventurous and robust furniture. If you opt for Glamping Chic, you can choose from a wide range of exclusive and luxury furniture, exclusively styled for us by professional designers.

Glamping tent interiors

Safari Adventure: adventurous glamping

Adventurous glamping demands the wooden scaffolding furniture of our Safari Adventure. Our wooden scaffolding glamping furniture is splinter-free, making it extremely comfortable. The dirt and water-repellent coating means that it requires little maintenance.

The brushed wooden scaffolding doesn’t only look great; you hardly have to worry about it. Your guests will experience the adventurous and rural feeling of camping.

Glamping Chic: the luxury of back home

Glamping equals luxury. But how to translate the comfort of a sofa back home into your glamping? The Glamping Chic furniture gives your guests the sense they are staying at a luxury hotel, combined with the camping feeling of glamping. Leaning back into beautiful cushions in a relaxing chair or brushing your teeth in front of a gilt-edged mirror: give your guests an experience they will never forget.

Glamping Chic offers two styles:

  • Stockholm: white details, furniture with a natural look.
  • Paris: gold and black details, oozing wealth and beauty.

Style package Stockholm

  • Unspoilt Scandinavia
  • Natural materials
  • Minimalistic
  • White details
  • Bring outside’s tranquillity indoors

Style package Paris

  • Bustling Paris
  • Stylish and chic
  • Gold and black details
  • Hotel chic
  • For fashion-conscious guests

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