The unshakable one

  • Insulated tent

  • Maximum use of your space

  • Maximum return by

Camping feeling during the winter

It’s all in the name and that also applies to the Compact Thermo tent. This innovative Thermo tent is insulated and makes maximum use of the available space on your land. Your guests experience tranquillity and nature whilst enjoying luxury and relaxation.

Looking for a tent to extend your season? Want to get maximum return by ? Then the Compact Thermo tent is the answer. The panels offer maximum comfort and the glass front ensures your guests will still enjoy that camping sensation. Offer them convenience and enjoy the return yourself.

Type Thermo tent Compact

AN4 Thermo Compact

  • 4 to 6 people
  • 4 x 6 meters
  • 24 m² total floor space

Outstanding Thermo tents

Our Thermo tent Compact is available in two sizes and you can see more details on the next pages. This ensures that there is always a thermo tent that suits your wishes and requirements.

Our unique thermo tents offer high quality and year-round pleasure:

  • Strong, insulated panels that were made sustainable under the KOMO quality mark and FSC.
  • A glass front for a maximum relationship between comfort and experiencing nature.
  • Four seasons of glamping pleasure.
  • 100 mm frames that are twice as strong as the commonly used 80 mm frames.
  • Vinyl floors and wooden scaffolding walls with compriband for privacy.
  • Unique end couplings to extend the life of your tent.
  • Movable floor optional.

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