8 March 2018

An Outstanding experience

Is it a tent or is it a holiday home? With the safari tents by Outstanding you experience the comfort of home, without losing the sense of camping. In a period of just three years, Erik van Donselaar (30) and Robin van Kooten (28) have taken up a leading position in the relatively new world of glamping.

Camping with the luxury of home

Glamping (an amalgamation of glamorous and camping) is camping in a tent with the luxury of a house. A fully equipped safari tent with private bathroom, kitchen with refrigerator, your own bed and more comfort. According to Erik and Robin, it is the future. “Worldwide, glamping is becoming more popular each year. More and more campsite owners are discovering glamping and eagerly anticipating this. Glamping is an experience and that is how we sell it. By completely unburdening the customer, we set ourselves apart from the competition. We deliver a total concept with complete equipment, even transport, construction, lighting systems and a heating system. The campsite owner does not have to worry about it.”

Safari tents worldwide

“It started when I noticed that the demand for luxury holidays in safari tents was growing faster than supply could keep up”, says Erik. “When I met Robin in 2015, we quickly developed our first safari tent and placed it at a campsite nearby. Other campsite owners came by to take a look and after this it quickly took off.”

Three years ago Erik and Robin were building their safari tents themselves in the Netherlands. Nowadays, they have sold their tents to nearly forty countries. The tents are located all over the world: France, Italy, England, Croatia, Mexico, Iran, Malaysia and Australia. A world map in the hall at the head office now shows thirty-nine countries with flags, where the safari tents of Outstanding can be found. They are a trendsetter in every country with the ambition to grow into a global brand!

Glamping showroom

The success of the young company in the Netherlands continues to grow. “In addition to the people here in the office and several construction teams, we have agents in various countries that sell our tents”, says Erik. From all parts of the world people come to take a look at the well-organised showroom in Holland, where all models are on display. “At the end of last year, we completely renovated our showroom and made space for our latest models”, says Robin. The tents are all designed so that every model is flexible in terms of layout. “We can create an open kitchen, extra sleeping area with bunk beds and nowadays even a box bed with a play area and slide for the children.”

With a safari tent made by Outstanding nothing is lacking in terms of luxury. “In the summer you arrive at the campsite, put the suitcase down and you can relax on the porch while the children play outside. And in the early and late season you can keep yourself nice and warm with a pellet stove”, says Erik finally. “You can find all our safari tents and lodges on the website and the reference page shows a selection of the glampings where you can experience this special adventure for yourself. In the Netherlands, or in a sunny destination further away.”

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