10 March 2022

Tips for styling your safari tent

Coloured cushions, a stylish duvet cover, a painting on the wall or a fine service; it’s the details that make the difference. Whereas the destination used to determine your choice of holiday, with glamping, the experience is becoming increasingly important. That’s why creating a unique atmosphere for your guests is essential. This allows you to position your glamping services in the market better and appeal to a specific target audience.

But how do you distinguish yourself from all those other glamping providers? With our many years of experience across the globe, we gladly share some tips and inspiration with you.

Which interior style fits in with your target audience?

If you want to offer a truly unique experience, your glamping tent’s interior must fit in with the target audience you’re trying to reach. Are most of your guests families with children? Bear that in mind, especially when it comes to furnishing your tents. ‘As long as the kids have fun, we’re happy,’ is a commonly heard phrase among parents. It is no surprise that the children have a huge say in a family’s choice for a campsite or accommodation.

You can make your glamping tent as adventurous and as playful as you like. The hammock, for instance, is a favourite ‘lounge’ spot for the kids. Are you looking for more adventure? Your youngest guests can clamber up a unique climbing wall or down a slide in the tent. That gives you the possibility to create several play areas, even under our popular box bed! Make the experience complete for the entire family.

A total experience for your guests

Besides luxury and comfort, it’s all about the entire experience these days. Does your glampsite stand for adventure? Let this be reflected in the style of your safari tents. Organise activities that fit in with your concept and add to the experience and atmosphere to complete the picture. A survival run is a wonderful example of how you can add an adventurous feel to your campsite. Do you have a glamping retreat? Offer your guests yoga lessons or massages, or deliver a healthy smoothie to your guests every morning.

Dyreparken in Norway knows exactly how to offer their guests a completely suffusexperience. The safari park has fully furnished all their tents with our Safari Adventure furniture. And they have given it their own personal touch with accessories geared towards the safari park itself; animal print cushions, matching paintings and plain light brown duvet covers. Everything here exudes that safari atmosphere. After visiting the animal park, the guests literally dream of savannas, jungles, and tundras. A unique glamping experience is guaranteed!

Taking the next step through innovation and exclusivity

The recreation sector is seeing more and more unique concepts. Remaining distinctive is therefore crucial. We strive to develop unique ideas every day to stay innovative. We keep a close watch on the market and identify our customer’s needs. For example, we have introduced another unique tent in the past year: the Ranger Lodge. Our Ranger Lodge is the ultimate accommodation for adventurers. With the extra small tent with a hanging net on the first floor above the patio, you know that you will be giving your guests a unique experience.

Do you need advice or are you curious about which tents fit best at your campsite? Please feel free to contact us.
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