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Glamping accommodations for every event

Meet Rechargers: The specialist in luxury accommodation rentals. Readily available, accessible and made of the highest quality.

Who wouldn’t want it: a comfortably made bed at night and waking up well-rested in the morning. And that at a noisy festival or a sociable, busy wedding. Sounds perfect, right?

Rechargers completely unburdens event organizers with luxurious glamping tents. The demand for glamping is not only on the rise at campgrounds and recreation parks. Festivals are now also cleverly playing into the desire for memory-making experiences and the glamping trend. A number of major (international) festivals have already set a course by offering a range of different types of accommodation.

Safari tent XS at your festival

Rechargers is specialist in matching your campsite to your event with their luxury accommodation rentals. A suitable glamping accommodation for every event. Including our unique safari tent XS. Their unique glamping tents are fully equiped and with their tailored advice every event keeps its own character.

Did you see the movie of the Rechargers safari tent at a wedding in France? Watch it here.

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