Safari tents in the Zoo

High quality safari tents for multiple purposes

Offer your guests a unique stay between the wild life in your Zoo or safari park.
Or give an Outstanding touch to your park with souvenir shops and snack corners with a unique and adventurous look!

Let us introduce you to the world of Outstanding. A world full of luxury safari tents and lodges

glamping tent kopen horeca

Glamping inspiration!

The demand for Glamping is not only on the rise at campgrounds and recreation parks. Others are now also playing into the desire for memory-making experiences and using our safari tents for multiple purposes:

  ✓   Souvenir shop
  ✓   Snackcorner
  ✓   Museum
  ✓   Dining
  ✓   Front desk
  ✓   Information point
  ✓   A unique overnight stay in safari parks

canvas safari tent

Memory-making Glamping experience

What a truly unique stay looks like? Take a look at the video of Dyreparken Safaricamp in Norway. A unique camp of 19 safari tents at height at Kristiansand Zoo and amusement park – Dyreparken.