Safari tent AN5 Wood

  • 5 x 9 metre innertent
  • 5 x 11 metre roof
  • Wooden frame

Safari tent AN5 Wood

Largest Wood safari tent

The holiday starts immediately for those arriving at this safari tent. It’s got everything. The relaxing feeling that everything has been prepared for you and every aspect has been thought through. The ultimate group feeling: everyone sleeping in a safari tent. Wanting to take it easy immediately and sitting on the lounge sofa planning ahead for tomorrow. With a 5 x 9 metre inner tent, these are the largest Outstanding safari tents. And because none of the layout is fixed you can decide for yourself what goes where and for how many people. The tent is equipped with an awning and because the wooden floor extends to under the awning your guests will always be comfortable, whatever the weather.

Extremely short earn-back time

The AN5 Wood  safari tent makes life as a campsite owner easy. You can leave the tent up throughout the summer and winter, so you can welcome your guests from the first nice days of the year for as long as you want, even until late autumn. And because you can easily equip this tent with a bathroom it really does appeal to the right public. Consequently, on the average camping site this tent has an extremely short earn-back time!

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