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With an Outstanding safari tent or lodge, your campsite will appeal to a wider range of campers. People who love the adventure of camping, but without the hassle of pitching a tent. People who want to unwind, but without the rigors of a primitive tent. Our Outstanding safari tents and lodges are not just tents. They offer a different way of vacationing, one that appeals to campers in the upper segment.

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Want to know more? Curious what we can do for you? Are you considering offering glamping to your guests? Do you want to bring in more guests in the upper segment with our tents and lodges? Download our brochure here. Through our brochure, you can get to know us better and browse our catalogue at leisure.

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The people behind Outstanding

“The demand for glamping continues to grow. Innovation is therefore of great importance. By inventing new models, but also by continuously searching for the best materials and to update existing knowledge. Furthermore, we are well aware that we can’t grow without our customers. By listening, we can understand the wishes and needs.”

Robin van Kooten


The perfect safari tent

21 May 2019

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As glamping becomes more and more popular worldwide, so people from all over the world come to our showroom. And of course, many different cultures means many...

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The versatility of a safari tent

28 March 2019

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Massages in Outstanding lodges. Glamping tents at height for a unique stay between the wild life in safari parks. Our safari tents in the zoo, transformed into...

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Outstanding – by name and by nature

19 February 2019

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Recently, Outstanding Tents took part in the 10-year Challenge that’s been proving so popular on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. While lots of people are posting...

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