Buying luxury tents

Buying luxury tents – what do you have to pay attention to?

Buying a luxury tent is quite the investment. It’s a decision you don’t just make overnight. However, it’s a smart investment. Assuming you’re buying a high-quality luxury tent of course. It would be a shame if the tent doesn’t meet your needs and the quality leaves a bit to be desired. It is therefore smart to pay attention to various aspects when buying a luxury tent.

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Buy a luxury tent that matches your vision of the future

It seems pretty obvious, but it is wise to think in advance what your wishes are for the luxury tent you are going to purchase. Do you want to offer luxury holiday accommodations for families at your campsite? Or do you have a zoo or theme park and looking for accommodation for people who stayed at your park during the day? It is wise to think ahead. What if you will decide to extend your target group to larger families over the years? Your tents may turn out to be too small and can feel as a waste of your investment. In order to get ahead of this, it is smart to keep your vision of your future in mind, in addition to your needs right now.


Buying luxury tents of high quality

Pay attention to the quality when you are buying luxury tents. The tent you purchase should be of good quality. Not only for the safety and comfort of your guests, but for the best return on investment too. At Outstanding our priority has always been to produce our safari tents of the best quality. Not only do we use durable wood and strong end-fittings for all our tents. Our TenCate tent fabric (canvas) survives all kind of weather conditions.  The lifespan of our tents, therefore, has increased to a minimum of 10 years. Making sure you will get a great return on investment.


A beautiful interior for each safari tent

Naturally, the style of your glamping interior should match the feel and look of your new luxury tent. A sturdy safari tent deserves a sturdy interior. Elegant luxury tents deserve an elegant interior. Our interior styles therefore vary from fancy Glamping chic furniture to furniture made of high-quality scaffolding wood. Of course all of the wood is splinter-free, so no need to worry about splinters. Or about maintenance. Since our coating makes sure that all of the glamping furniture is low-maintenance. The furniture isn’t, of course, the only element to complete your brand new luxury tents. We can, if desired, completely unburden you with the styling of the tents, from the mattresses to the dishwasher.


Contact us for tailor-made glamping advice

Perhaps you have questions or are still unsure about purchasing a luxury tent? That is understandable, there is always a lot involved in your search for the perfect luxury tent. That is why we are glad to support you with all that comes with buying a safari tent. Have you already found the tent of your dreams on our website? Feel free to ask us for a tailor-made quote! Are you unsure which tent is best for your campsite? With our experience we can guide you to buying the perfect luxury tent for your glamping. Just contact us and experience the excellent service of Outstanding yourself!


What our customers say about us:

With over 720 projects in 52 countries, our assortment of safari tents and lodges is the product of years of experience. We strive passionately to achieve 100% quality daily and are proud of our product! Customers rate us a 9.5 out of 10 based on 70+ reviews ★ ★ ★ ★ ★.