17 August 2020

The benefits of glamping during Corona

A lot of people are finding ways of getting away in the midst of Corona. Weekend getaways, vacations and holidays are booked again, and often within driving distance of home. People are also eager to get outdoors. Where better to get away during Corona than glamping? We have listed 8 reasons why safari tents are the ideal location for celebrating holidays in today’s ‘new normal’ society.

  •  Keeping distance from the neighbours? No problem! Safari tents are located on spacious sites, often more than 100 m².
  •  No hassle with complicated walking routes through the toilet block, because most tents have their own sanitary facilities.
  •  With glamping, your guests usually have their own kitchen and a spacious dining area. So it is not necessary to eat outside the door, which makes it easy to avoid crowds. Do you have restaurants at the park? Offer your guests the luxury of a meal delivered to the tent!
  •  Fresh air and ventilation are important factors to keep a virus like Corona out. A safari tent has ventilation windows all around and even a breathable tent cloth! This way, your guests experience all the benefits of being outside, despite being in a tent.
  •  Safari Tent Wood can even be unzipped in its entirety from the front!
  •  The glamping tents all have a very spacious layout as well. The inside of the Lodge is no less than 4.2 meters high.
  •  Weather or no weather: the large covered veranda invites your guests to live outside. Both in and around the tent, there is enough space for your guests to enjoy themselves, so they can have a wonderful holiday without getting bored for even a moment.
  •  Another advantage is that the car can be parked next to or near the tent. Your guests do not have to walk far to the tent, which makes it perfectly possible to keep sufficient distance from other holidaymakers.

Use the possibilities of your glamping and let your guests experience a wonderful vacation, especially now!

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