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Discover which of our safari tents suits your glamping or campsite!

At Outstanding you can buy various safari tents in different sizes. Making sure you will always find the perfect tent for your campsite.

Maybe you are looking for one night stand tents for hikers? Or looking for big tents for larger groups of up to 14 people? At Outstanding you can find it all. Let us introduce our safari tents to you!

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Safari tents of the best materials

All of our safari tents are built with the best materials only. You can expect high quality from our smallest to our largest safari tents. We pay close attention to every detail of our tents. All of the wood we use is impregnated and preserved with the KOMO quality mark. Also our strong 100 mm frames are impregnated.

Did you know that our inner tents are made of TenCate material? This means you always have an ideal climate in the tent. And with the end couplings, we significantly extend the life of our tents. Afraid that the zippers will easily break due to the heavy use? No worries, these are also of the best quality and suitable for intensive use. Whether you choose a small or a large safari tent, with us you are always guaranteed that it is a safari tent of the highest quality.

Optimal use of your m2 with our smallest tents

Maybe you have limited space, or simply want to make the best use of your land to let your guests experience the luxury of glamping? Then take a look at our cozy safari tent XS. This small safari tent is ideal for trekkers or to create extra sleeping accommodation. Do you prefer a tent with more facilities, but still not taking up much space? In that case, our Compact is the perfect safari tent for you. In this tent you can store a kitchen and bedroom and it has a terrace. The Compact safari tent is available in two sizes. In the largest variant you can even install a bathroom! Make the most of your space with our small tents and offer your guests a special glamping adventure.

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The modern version of the classic safari tent

Our Wood safari tent is the classic tent that started glamping. This tent has everything needed for a real glamping experience. There is enough space for a kitchen, bathroom, a spacious sitting area and even several bedrooms. This model is available in three sizes, so there is always a model to suit your needs. Furthermore, your guests will experience the great outdoors in this safari tent, because the entire front can be unzipped.

Do you prefer a more luxurious model? Then take a look at our Safari Tent Cottage. This safari tent has a unique appearance due to the design of the front and the special clipped gable roof. The large windows provide a lot of light.


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Let your guests enjoy glamping in our lodges

In our lodges, your guests can fully enjoy all the luxury. In this way, you no doubt offer a unique experience. We have different types of lodges, each unique due to the different characteristics. Our Outstanding Lodge has an upper floor, it is possible to place a climbing wall with a slide in the Medley Lodge and the Royal lodge offers the possibility to add a second terrace. Be surprised by all the possibilities, there is always a lodge that suits your needs.

Safari tent lodge

Which safari tent suits your campsite best?

Curious about our tents? Come and see them in our showroom, or take a digital tour through our 360 showroom tour. We like to think along with you and because of the many possibilities we always have a safari tent that suits your campsite.

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