AN5 Lodge

  • 10 x 4.15 metre innertent
  • 11 x 7.5 metre roof
  • Optional upper floor (loft)

AN5 Lodge

Luxury glamping lodge

The Lodge offers all the ease, luxury and convenience of a home, with the fun aspect of camping. The tent has a covered terrace, luxury bathroom and a lovely optional top floor which can house several people. This innovative tent with an extra floor is perfect for group accommodations, as well as families looking for all the comfort this tent has to offer.

Find the size that suits you

This Outstanding lodge comes in various models, so you’ll always be able to find a size that suits your needs. With its 100-millimeter wooden frame, this tent is very sturdy, like all other Outstanding safari tents and lodges. This glamping lodge will last years and years, giving you no trouble at all. You can focus on the things that really matter to your campsite, or your holiday. The only maintenance it requires is regular cleaning. The Outstanding Lodge tent is all about ease and convenience.


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