TenCate fabric

The best quality

Our inner tents consist of different parts. This means we are flexible and can offer all models in various sizes. In addition, you don’t need to replace the entire tent in case of damage to your inner tent, but only specific parts.

Furthermore, the inner tent has PVC mud flaps of 40cm high, and the main component consists of TenCate® fabric. Fabric of the highest quality. TenCate® fabric is breathable and mould-resistant. In addition, it is known for its durable nature.

The inner tent is suspended with a tunnel tube system that prevents point-concentrated load. This system ensures that the forces aren’t concentrated on a small surface area, but are distributed over the entire side wall. This in order to increase both the strength and the durability of the tent.

The windows in our inner tents provide both natural light and ventilation. No need to go outside with an Outstanding tent: all windows can be opened, blinded and ventilated from the inside. In addition, we don’t use Velcro but only work with zippers.

All inner tents are also available as Campshield version, made of fireproof material. More information about Campshield see here.

Specifications Outstanding inner tents

  • Main component: TenCate® fabric
  • Material: 50% polyester/50% cotton
  • Fabric thickness: 420 g/m2
  • Inner tent supplied in parts
  • PVC mud flaps of 40 cm high
  • No point-concentrated load because of tunnel tube system
  • Windows can be opened, blinded and ventilated from the inside
  • Zippers: extra strong YKK zippers
  • Also available in Campshield (fire resistant)