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Offer your guests a glamping gift of memories

Do you want to offer glamping gift cards to your guests? Then we might be able to get you started! For your guests a glamping gift card is a meaningful gift to their beloved ones. Giving them a voucher for a relaxing glamping experience (once things are back to ‘normal’). For you it might be a way to keep in touch with your guests and to stimulate your own business and tourism.

We will raffle 10 personally designed gift cards among all participating campsites and glampings.
Our designer will make a digital gift card specially designed for you. This card will have the look and feel of your glamping and will contain your contact details and personal wishes. To make sure all participants will get the opportunity to offer gift cards to their guests, we have also designed free basic templates. So, even if you’re not winning, you’ll be able to personalize your own.

The winning campsites will be announced on May 6th. So, fill in the form to participate and keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram.

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