30 April 2018

Time for a summer-related FAQ

After all preparations of the last months, the 2018 glamping season has finally begun. The new season started highly promising! In preparation for the upcoming summer crowds and (hopefully many) warm summer evenings, we have listed the most frequently asked questions of the season.

Will a safari tent be cool enough in summer?

A frequently asked question you may receive from customers as well. Fortunately, we have taken the sun and high temperatures into account while designing our tents. The roof and the inner tent are separated from each other by a 10-centimeter layer of air. This extra layer prevents the heat of the sun to enter the tent directly and gives the wind extra space to cool down the safari tent. A multifunctional insulation layer.

When the sun is very strong and the tent is constantly exposed to the sun, we sometimes recommend a beige roof instead of a green roof. After all, green roofs absorb more heat than beige roofs. Take a look at the safari tents with beige roofs at Senity Camp in Mexico.

Also, several of our customers installed air conditioners in their safari tents. This way you can cool the glamping tent even more.

I would like to extend my glamping season. Is this possible for a safari tent?

Also with a safari tent it is possible to extend the season. When temperatures drop outside, a stove can provide your guests with warmth. You may opt for a mobile gas stove, but you can also place a cosy pellet stove in the living room. Some of our customers even use infrared heaters. Are you looking for some heat on the porch? Recently we even have added a wood-fired hot tub to our range.

Feel free to ask us about the possibilities and view our assortment in the furniture catalogue.

Can we leave the glamping tents outside all year round?

All our models can remain outside all year round. You can only run a carefree business if you do not have to worry about your safari tent. That is why we manufacture our Outstanding safari tents and lodges from the best materials. The wood is preserved under KOMO certification. The TenCate tent fabric is both extremely strong and fungicidal, and the PVC roof protects the tent against any weather influences. In addition, galvanised steel couplings keep your tent at right angles throughout the year.

An Outstanding safari tent or lodge therefore has a lifespan of around 10 years. This makes the investment even more interesting.

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