AN3 Compact

  • 4 x 4 metre innertent
  • 4 x 6 metre roof
  • Compact size

AN3 Compact

Compact safari tent

The idea for the AN3 Compact arose when we observed a demand among our customers that was not yet being met. The model lives up to its name, both in width and in height. With an internal width of 4 metres, the Compact is more narrow than the Wood and Pro safari tents. Furthermore, the Compact safari tent is lower than the large safari tents and thus less prominent in view.

Optimal use of m2

When lack of space becomes a problem, the Compact is the perfect solution. Or when you want to make optimal use of the space you have and want to get as much out of each m2 as possible.

Safari tent with higher windows

The safari tent has a fresh, bold look and a very light front due to its new design with higher windows. In short: the Compact offers everything you may expect of our safari tents. Quality, flexibility, comfort and ease of use. A safari tent with a very sturdy wooden frame, a bold look and countless possibilities for the interior. Of course, like the larger models, the Compact safari tent can also be fitted with end couplings.

Take a look inside our safari tent Compact!

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