The perfect safari tent

The search for the ideal safari tent

As glamping becomes more and more popular worldwide, so people from all over the world come to our showroom. And of course, many different cultures means many different requirements.

In principle, all those customers have the same goal in mind: buying a safari tent or lodge. But the search for the ideal glamping accommodation goes beyond purchasing just any tent.

We owe it to our customers to help them find the perfect tent.

Glamorous safari tent

Unique tent with return

Because of the high quality and attractive appearance of our safari tents, our customers have a firm foundation from which to start their search. Every campsite owner wants to offer an unforgettable glamping experience and every camper is looking for a tent with the wow factor. However, when you’re buying a tent, you need to look beyond mere appearances. First, you’ll want it to have a good price-to-quality ratio. Then, you’ll want your investment to be cost-effective. And, lastly, you’ll want to have no concerns about the tent after you’ve bought it. If we can tick all the boxes above, we’re getting a little closer to the ideal safari tent, right? Right. And that means the customising work can start.


Glamping safari lodge for sale

Always a custom made tent

It’s not necessary to know right away how many people you’re planning to accommodate, because our safari tents are available in various sizes. Furthermore, we can furnish them in such a way that they’re suitable for both bigger and smaller families.

Perhaps you’re looking for stylish group accommodation. If so, we can simply extend your favourite tent by a couple of metres. If it’s not possible to expand at ground level, maybe our lodge with an optional extra floor is the right solution for you. Or perhaps you can make optimal use of the space you have with our narrower and most compact tent.

Our wide range always offers a fitting solution!

Luxury safari lodge

A fitting interior for every tent

With Outstanding, you can choose exactly what you want: big or small, a little luxury or a lot, with or without a slide, a bed box or an extra floor. We offer countless options and that’s why it’s crucial that we offer customers our expert advice. Naturally, we have a few basic formats that will enable you can make best use of your space, not to mention set you apart from your competitors.

Is buying a safari tent with a slide impractical? There’s nothing children like more than sleeping in a tent that has one, as you’d expect! However, we do think it’s important for the tent not to lose space unnecessarily. The solution? The design looks like our bed box, but in reverse: an adventurous sleeping space below and a spacious playpen above the slide. Distinctive and practical!

Whatever your wishes, there really is an interior to suit.

Luxury Safari Tents For Sale

So, what does your ideal safari tent look like…?

Visit our showroom to see the furnishing options for yourself – you’ll find almost everything we offer on display there. Click here for a digital tour.

The perfect glamping tent