What we do

What can we do for you?

Are you considering offering glamping to your guests? Would you like to appeal to more guests in the upper segment with Outstanding safari tents? If it’s up to us, this will be a relaxing adventure for you. We will help you in every way.


We will give you advice at every step. Whether it’s the business case or the furnishing of the tent, with our practical tips you will create a good plan.


Wondering what an Outstanding safari tent looks like? You are always welcome in our showroom in the Netherlands or visit one of our site installations in your own country. Make an appointment here and get inspired.

 Personal contact

Ordering is easy and simple. You get a clear quotation for the tents that meet your needs. If you have any questions, just contact us. It will make everything so much easier. Want to know more about us right now? Take a look at the About Us page.

 Interior design

Did you know that we can take care of the complete interior design of your safari tent and lodge? Visit our interior page for more information about our scaffold wooden furniture and accessories.


We can take full care of the transport to your pitch site, wherever it is.


No time to build the tent yourself? We can do it for you. We not only assemble the tent, we also furnish the interior or assemble the furniture for you. You can entertain the first guests the moment we leave!

 Assembly manual

Do you prefer to assemble the Outstanding safari tents yourself? With our clear instructions, that shouldn’t be a problem. Need help? Just give us a call.


Do you need an additional component? Is your tent damaged? We supply any replacement part from stock.