The advantages of a safari tent with sanitary

When you decide to buy a safari tent, you can choose a safari tent with or without a shower and toilet. This choice depends on the application of your tent. You may not opt ​​for sanitary facilities, so that more space remains for other purposes. Such as extra sleeping space, to allow more people to sleep in the tent.

However, purchasing a tent with sanitary facilities can be very attractive. We are happy to explain the advantages of a tent with sanitary facilities.

A safari tent with its own sanitary facilities provides more comfort for your guests

It is not without reason that it’s called glamping when staying in a safari tent. Your guests choose glamping because they want to experience the outdoors, but with more comfort than they experience in a regular tent. Not only good beds and lots of space are important, but also having your own sanitary facilities in the safari tent is often seen as a great advantage. Of course there are also people who prefer to walk around the campsite with a toilet roll under their arm, but most people prefer to have their own sanitary facilities. Hygiene also plays an important role in this. In short, a safari tent with its own toilet and shower increases the comfort of your guests.

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No worries whether the sanitary facilities are within walking distance

You may also offer regular camping pitches. Then you know how important it is for your guests that the sanitary facilities are within walking distance. After all, you don’t want your guests to walk all over the campsite to use the toilet. By placing safari tents with sanitary facilities, you no longer have to worry about this. The tents can be placed wherever you want. You no longer have to take the distance to the common sanitary facilities into account. Perhaps you do not even have common sanitary facilities at your campsite, which makes buying a safari tent with sanitary facilities even more attractive. Is it a rainy day? The guests in your safari tents will be extra happy with their own sanitary facilities!

An unforgettable glamping experience with a safari tent with sanitary facilities

All in all, buying a safari tent with a bathroom has many advantages. It offers your guests more comfort, ensures more hygiene and saves you a lot of logistics puzzle with the location. You no longer have to worry about the distance to your communal toilets. For many people, glamping is all about luxury and comfort. In our safari tents, especially with sanitary facilities, your guests will experience this luxury without a doubt.

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Plenty of choice in safari tents at Outstanding

Are you thinking about buying sanitary safari tents for your campsite? At Outstanding we have various models of safari tents where you can store a bathroom. Except for our smallest safari tent XS, we can provide all safari tents with a shower and toilet. Choose a compact safari tent to make the best use of your m2, or opt for space with one of our luxury lodges.

Due to our wide range, there is always a safari tent that suits your campsite.